About us

We have developed technology that has been assessed and approved by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) and by independent auditors appointed by our insurance providers to securely process game plays.

This means that our insurers, who are one of the world’s top insurance providers will insure jackpots of all sizes on all of our games and we operate under a Class 1 license from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) based in Malta (EU). The license number is LGA/CL1/625/2009, and it was issued on 24/03/2011 to Winawage International Ltd, the company behind the Topjack Games brand. The LGA is a United Kingdom approved licensing authority and we follow the strict guidelines required to hold their Class 1 licence. Our one-stop-shop for licensed and insured games is a world first in online gaming and will change the way online jackpots will be delivered.

As a result of our new approach there is no need for online jackpots to have many people contributing small amounts of money over time to grow prize funds. We give operators the ability to allow players to play for jackpots that are larger than those that can be offered by alternative leading e-gaming software providers. Our jackpots are also higher than most national or state lottery prizes and players will never share their jackpots with other jackpot winners.

Here are some of the unique attributes that have contributed to our success:

  • No risk insured jackpots that do not need a large amount of players to generate them.
  • No risk jackpots that will become higher value jackpots than those generated from any other operators.
  • No risk jackpots that require no cash contribution from the operator.
  • High perceived value real money free cash for non-depositing players. Allowing players to enjoy the games, win real cash, and consequently deposit.
  • Real money player referral offers that can be enjoyed without deposits from either referrer or referred.
  • Training demos to guide new players through their first experience.
  • Large instant jackpots on familiar lottery games. No need to wait for a weekly draw.
  • Large instant jackpots on keno, bingo, slots, video poker, with more to come.
  • Jackpots can be configured to suit the white label, with large jackpots being harder to win than small ones.
  • White labels can customise the churn ratio on smaller game prizes.

TopJack uses the best third party suppliers. We use IBM and CISCO components and retain their highest level of support. We have been approved by VISA, MasterCard and by all the mainstream online wallets. We accept bank transfers from more than 50 high street banks.

We will provide you with a secure and exciting environment for players to enjoy instant jackpot games. Our insurance and banking partners guarantee the security of prizes and payments.

Please contact us if you are interested in using the Topjack platform and games.