The Topjack Games product has been approved by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and the security advisors of one of the world’s top insurance providers. Topjack Games currently offers a range of games, which can be taken individually or as a group. To complement all marketing and player optimisation initiatives Topjack Games provides their white labels with:

  • Pre deposit free cash to play on all games. Players play for real money jackpots and additional free cash credit.
  • An innovative inbuilt loyalty program designed to reward player’s real time with bonus games, promotions and free play.
  • Proprietary social reward software, designed to acquire additional players at no additional cost.
  • First time arrival demos to guide players through to their first play and deposit.
  • Games that can be configured to have large jackpots that are more difficult to win or small jackpots that are easier to win.
  • Game churn ratios that can be customised to each white label.

The mechanics for all games and other product features are detailed below.


A classic blackjack game with a side bet to enter the 2 million mega jackpot bonus round if 21 is hit with an Ace and Jack card. In the bonus round hit 21 or under with 10 cards to win the 2,000,000 jackpot. Every point over 21 reduces the total win amount.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a mega jackpot version of Video Poker. Players try to make their best poker from 5 cards. They initially draw 5 cards and from those 5 cards they hold the ones they would like to keep and exchange the ones they don’t for new cards. If the player draws 5 cards that display the special bonus round star then they will engage the bonus round and player for huge cash prizes including the multi-million jackpot.

King Keno

Keno is one of the world’s most popular casino games. Based on a lottery style mechanic the player selected up to 15 numbers from 80. Prizes are won for matching the numbers from their selection with 20 numbers that are drawn. Match the maximum for multimillion sized jackpots.

Lotto Game

Topjack Games offer a replica of the world’s most popular lottery game 6 from 49. Players select 6 numbers between 1 & 49 hoping to match 3, 4 ,5 or 6 numbers to win prizes of different value. The result is delivered via numbered balls being drawn from a lottery machine that uses the latest 3D modelling software.

Jackpot Bingo

Jackpot Bingo is an instant version of 90 ball bingo. 60 balls are drawn and players win prizes for matching numbers on one line, two lines or all three lines. The game is flexible and players can select the cost per bingo card and the number of cards the want to play with. The letters B, I, N, G & O are drawn between the 60 numbers drawn and players win a jackpot amount if they draw the letters to spell BINGO. The jackpot size depends on the price of the bingo cards they are playing for, with higher priced cards giving higher jackpots.

Easy Life

Easy Life is a tailored lottery aimed at players who would like to choose the size of their jackpot based on their chance of winning. This game allows players to select a monthly wage they would like to be paid and a time period they would like to be paid for. The larger the total prize selected the less chance they have of winning. This game illustrates to the players their different chance of winning from each prize selection. The comparison shows the player the increased chance of winning, in comparison to playing their national or state lotteries. The result is delivered via winning coloured balls being drawn from a lottery machine that uses the latest 3D modelling software.

Jackpot Slot – The of Count of Monte Carlo

The Count of Monte Carlo is the first jackpot slot from Topjack Games. This simple and exciting three reel classic slot hosts a wild feature and special bonus round. The jackpots on The Count of Monte Carlo are in proportion to the bet size. The higher the bet the higher the jackpot won. As with all games the jackpots and odds to win are configurable.

Devil’s Seven

Connect 4 or more red chips in the grid to win cash prizes. If the player connects 4, 5, 6, or 7 red chips in any direction on the grid they will receive cash prizes. If they connect 5 or more red chips horizontally, vertically and on both diagonals then you engage the mega bonus round. Connect 4, 5 or 6 red chips on the bonus round for mega cash prizes and connect all 7 to win the multi-million prize.

Lost treasure – fortune falls

This high quality 3D video slot has a fully interactive bonus round, free spins, a wild and cascading win feature. It is possible to win the $£€4,000,000 jackpot in the bonus round. In addition you can win up to £$€1,000,000 from the win lines alone when playing for high stakes and hitting the highest 5 symbol win. It is 243 win line but offers a massive €$£100 per spin if that’s what you like.

Visit the falls and find the treasure.

Stinkbad’s Stash

Aaaaar ship mates. Come and play this swash buckling super scratch card from Topjack Games. Find the key and sail to bonus round island and play and win prizes up to $£€4,000,000. Find three of a kind from the 5 scratch positions and win other cash prizes.

See if Captain Stinkbad has hidden treasure for you.

Pink Panda

Find three of a kind from the 9 scratch positions and win cash prizes. This scratch card provides a bonus round which may be revealed after a win. The dedicated bonus round game offers a $£€4,000,000, $£€2,000,000 and $€£1,000,000 jackpot. You can also win $£€1,000,000 just off the scratch game itself.

Neptune’s Gold

Find three of a kind from the 9 scratch positions and win cash prizes. This scratch card hides a bonus round which may be revealed after a win. Find the dedicated bonus round and win up to a $£€4,000,000 jackpot.

See if Neptune has a lucky plan for you.

Bigger Jackpots & More Games

In 2013 Topjack Games plan the launch of games that have $€£4,000,000 jackpots.

In 2014 Topjack Games plan the launch of games that have $€£10,000,000 jackpots.

Topjack Games will offer 23 games by December 2013.

Topjack Games will release 35 games by December 2014.


The Topjack Games gaming system has been configured to deliver automated daily and weekly KPI dashboard reports. In addition white labels will receive quantitative reports on affiliate activity, internal management and tracking for marketing. Bespoke reports will be generated based on requirements.

Currency and Language

Topjack Games currently offer English language and GBP, Dollar and Euro currencies. Additional languages and currencies are in development. Language and currency additions will be added on request from our white labels.

Back Office

The Topjack Games back office provides white labels with interfaces that will enable them to perform customer service and player analysis operations. Operators will be able to generate trackers and manage internal reports. Additional back office functionality to help white labels achieve their goals can be discussed.

Player Management and Retention

If desired Topjack Games white labels can use their automated email campaigns to maximise conversion and player value. When players register an account on the white label they would fall into the email campaign cycles. The email cycles optimise conversion to real money and extend the player life time value. Topjack Games have developed their own campaign management technology which sends emails to players based on criteria such as real or play money, date, time, last game played among many other factors. This process is automated and optimised on a monthly basis.


The Topjack games can be taken in different configurations.

  1. Our games can be hosted on the TopJack Games platform.
  2. Our games can be integrated into the white label’s existing gaming platform.
  3. Can be taken as an individual side game, a selection of games or all games.
  4. Played from within our games container.
  5. Launched into a separate browser window.